2020 Republican National Convention

The RNC will be in Charlotte August 24-27. We anticipate requiring additional staff at least by August 1, and for an additional week after the convention ends. 

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Thank you for your interest in working the 2020 RNC events in Charlotte, NC for IATSE Local 322.


Important contact information:


www.ia322.com – Has jobsite locations, parking information, steward phone numbers, etc. Please read the website and look for answers to your questions there!


What you will need on every call:

  • IDs to fill out new hire paperwork, specifically an I-9. Usually this is a drivers license and social security card or a passport. You must have original, not-expired documents for most employers.
  • We also require direct deposit so please bring a hard copy of direct deposit information (i.e. voided check, deposit slip or a print out from your bank).
  • You will also need basic stagehand tools, a hard hat, and for many calls, stage blacks for show calls.
  • For AV calls and work in hotel ballrooms, the convention center, etc., you will need black pants and a black polo.