Set Up

Setting up your account. This may be easier on a desktop or laptop computer, but is also available on a mobile device.


  1. Go to and enter your email address. Click the GET NEW PASSWORD link and a temporary login link will be sent to you so you can login and set a password.

  2. Adjust your skills. Basic ones have been assigned to you. Please remember to only assign yourself skills you actually have and not just things you want to try or learn.

  3. Verify and update information in your PROFILE. Make sure your cell phone number is correct! If you change your contact information make sure you also inform the business agent and call steward as well.

  4. Adjust time settings, etc., such as 24 vs 12 hour clock.


Accepting, Declining and Passing calls

When you have been offered a call, an SMS message from (833) 682 – 6514. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS NUMBER! It is a dummy number from the website that texts you information. Any response will not be received by Local 322. The SMS message will usually give you a time limit to respond to the call, and is a signal to login to and respond to the call. You will have three options when you login. If you can not login and confirm or decline a call, text the dispatcher and she will do it for you.


  1. ACCEPT Please accept both the IN and the OUT if you have been offered both calls. Do not accept only part of one job without first texting the dispatcher at 704-512-9979 to ask if that’s okay. Clicking ACCEPT is the only confirmation Local 322 needs to know you are available and agreeing to work that particular call.

  2. DECLINE Use this if you can not work that call, and can not work on that particular day at all. Clicking DECLINE will make you unavailable to be scheduled for other jobs on that day.

  3. PASS You should PASS on a call If you are available to work that day, but want to stay available for other jobs instead of the one that was offered toCalendar and Wishlist

The Calendar tab shows all jobs and events that Local 322 has scheduled. Calls are usually color coded by venue. You can click on these jobs and see individual calls and details about the job (i.e. contact information, dress code, etc). If it is something you would like to possibly work, you can add it to your wishlist.


The wishlist allows you to add calls to your profile that you are available for and would like to work. A few things to remember when utilizing the wishlist:

  • Just because a job is on your wishlist does not guarantee you will be offered a call on it

  • Make sure that if you wishlist a job, you are actually available for it

  • Do not wishlist every job on every day. We know you want to work, and the wishlist should be used to differentiate what call on what day you would prefer to be on. (i.e. at PNC over Spectrum Center, etc).

  • You can also indicate that you do not want a particular job by putting it in the “Jobs you want to ignore”


Vacation Manager allows you to block out hours, days or weeks of time that you are unavailable (for vacation, going on tour, etc.). Under My Profile you can add your own vacation. If your plans change and need to remove it, contact the dispatcher and she will remove it for you. Be careful of the default times (12 midnight) because it may affect your availability the day before your vacation begins.



Reoccuring Availibility allows you to input weekly conflicts you may have (9-5 job, school or other weekly conflicts). This prevents the dispatcher from assigning you to a call.





Dispatch FAQs

If I decline calls will you stop offering me work?

No. Absolutely not. Saying no to a job won’t keep us from calling you again. Not responding or ignoring requests for job offers will make it less likely for you to get more offers because you are unresponsive.

If I don’t respond to a call in a timely manner, what happens?

Most likely, you will be removed from the offer of work. If this become habitual, you may receive less offers of work. Not responding is not the same as saying NO, and when you fail to respond, you make it harder for us to fill calls quickly and efficiently.


What is the “two-hour rule”?

The amount of time from when the dispatcher or business agent messages you to the time you need to respond with a yes or no answer. If you need more time than two hours text the dispatcher and tell them you need more time. This is always okay, we just need a response of some kind.


What should I have with me on every call?

Original documents to fill out new hire paperwork and direct deposit information. Familiarize yourself with I-9 requirements and what to bring, though usually it is a license and social security card or a passport. You also need to have basic tools (at a minimum a crescent wrench, multi tool, flashlight, gloves and a hard hat) and a set of black clothing in case you are added to a show call.


Who should I call if I am running late to a call?

Contact your steward as soon as you know you may be late (i.e. traffic, etc). Most steward phone numbers are available on this website or at on your job page. If you cannot reach your steward, contact the dispatcher.


Who should I contact if I want to be on a specific call?

The dispatcher is your point of contact for this, and she will do her best to fulfil your request as long as it fits within rotation and the needs of the event. Please use the wishlist feature, as it assists the dispatcher filling calls in a timely manner. It is not necessary to ask the business agent about this, as he is not the person actively filling calls.


What if you offer me a call at one venue, when I’d prefer to work at another?

Pass on the call you were offered and then text the dispatcher that you would prefer to be at the other venue. While we can not guarantee to move you to your preferred venue, we will try. It’s much easier to make requests before assigning calls.


Who should I contact with questions about my check?

Anne Taylor is our payroll administrator. She can be reached at


What is the difference between PASS and DECLINE?

PASS means you do not want to work the call that has been offered to you. DECLINE means that you not available to work at all on that particular day. If you have to go to a wedding, or work your other job, or will be out of town, use the DECLINE button. PASS is for when you were offered to work the N*Sync concert when really you were hoping to work the load in of CATS.


If I PASS a call will you offer me another call on the same day?

Possibly, but it is not guaranteed. If you really want to work that production of CATS then make sure you text the dispatcher and say “Hey, I’d rather work CATS then N*Sync if possible.” We like to allow you to work WHERE you want to work, but often the needs of the show come first and requests can’t always be fulfilled.


What is the “Call timer” and why do you mention it in SMS messages?

The call timer is a feature of that allows us to put a countdown timer on every call we offer. If you don’t respond to the call in a timely manner, it is automatically removed from your schedule and we continue offering work to other people until the call is filled.

The wishlist feature allows you to list preferences for upcoming jobs. Under My Schedule is a box to click called WISHLIST. This opesn a drop down menu that lists every call coming up (that we are aware of). By choosing a job it highlights your name so the dispatcher sees your preference. This does not guarantee you will get the call, but it is a tool to help make it possible. You are also welcome and encouraged to text the dispatcher one to two weeks before a specific call expressing your interest in it.