Set Up



The website we use to dispatch calls is:


Local 322 will provide you with a username and password.


Please go to your profile page and check to make sure your cell phone and email addresses are correct. We also would like your street address.


On the preferences tab please ENABLE SMS.  This will allow the dispatcher to send your calls directly to your phone from the website. It is a two-step process.  If you change phone providers, you will need to un-enable and re-enable your phone. ENABLING SMS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO TO HELP YOU GET MORE WORK!



What do I do when I receive a call via SMS?


You will receive a text message (often more than one, because we send a separate message for the load in and load out) from either a generic phone number OR  It usually looks like this:


Hand, PNC for “Brad Paisley” at PNC, 09/17 10:00AM-03:00PM.

Hand, PNC for “Brad Paisley” at PNC, 09/17 10:30PM-02:00AM.




Start: Oct 20 at 8:00AM

End: Oct 20 at 12:00PM

Position: Hand

Event: Brad Paisley

Location: Spectrum Center


You have TWO HOURS to confirm or decline the call.  We generally only issue calls during “normal” business hours between 8am and 7pm.


When you receive this message, DO NOT REPLY to it.  Instead do one of two things.


  1.  Log into where you will see the job on your schedule place.  Accept or decline it. If you were offered a load in AND a load out, you must accept both. If you can’t do both, text the dispatcher.
  2. Text the dispatcher at 704-512-9979 and tell them if you accept or decline, and what call you are referring to. For example, you could text “Yes, Brad Paisley in and out” or, if you are only available for the out, tell her this “I can only do the out of Brad Paisley.

If you reply to the message, it will NOT be received by Local 322.  The phone number and email addresses are generic and do not receive replies.


If you have questions or concerns, please text the dispatcher at 704-512-9979 or email at  PLEASE understand that our dispatchers are working stagehands just like you and prefer you contact them during business hours and not at 2:00 in the morning (or anytime outside of 8am-7pm, really!)