COVID-19 Opportunities for ACTIVISM

There are many opportunities for activism right now. Workers must continue to write letters to state and federal legislators and let them know how much we need changes to current policies and legislation regarding Unimployment Insurance and DIsaster Relief. 


I have been in constant contact with state and federal legislators, and with organizations such as ARTS NC and the NC AFL-CIO so that I can continue to discuss our needs as entertainment workers during this pandemic. I might not have calls to fill right now, so I am transferring my energy to helping all of us survive this and encourage our legislators to listen and make changes to existing policy.


On Wednesday 3/18, I was a speaker at a press conference that was a call for action to change state policies regarding Unemployment Insurance. 


The following are some of the organizations that are using their resources to help us, and need OUR help to share thier messages. If you know of other CALL to ACTION opportunities, please email them to me at and I will add them to the list.


In Solidarity, Jenni Propst, IATSE 322 Dispatcher

IATSE CALL TO ACTION: Right now the Congress is working on multiple packages of legislation, and we need to pull out all the stops to get the message to members of Congress to include relief for people who work in Entertainment.  Please click the link and share widely – with your local, your members, your friends, family, any critical allies – the more voices the better! (this is super easy and takes under 5 minutes to be part of this effort) IATSE Action Network

ARTS NC is an advocacy organization that supports the needs of non-profit arts in North Carolina. I have been in daily contact with them, discussing the need for Unemployment Reform for our workers, because our contribution to arts organizations as stagehands is very significant. They have a number of call for action requests on their website. Please take time and write to both your state and federal representatives. ARTS NC CALL TO ACTION for COVID-19


LEAVE NO WORKER BEHIND - Participate in the NC state AFL-CIO's Call to Action to fix NC's broken UI policies. Learn more here: Leave No Worker Behind