Online Resources (Updated September 3, 2020)

Our industry has opened up an immense amount of resources to give its workers a chance to expand their knowledge during this downtime. Many of these are no longer free, but they shouldn't deter you from persuing further growth in your career. Below you will find a handful of these resources that may help you. However, the most extensive can be found on the MAGNUM website. Magnum also created a Social Distancing Gig Guide: Tips for the COVID19 Downtime that is also worth your time.


CHICAGO FLYHOUSE ONLINE CLASSES - Chicago Flyhouse is still offering premium and free classes that cover most basises of arena and theater rigging. These classes are for technicians of all skill levels and have been regarded highly by many IATSE 322 workers.


EVENT SAFETY ALLIANCE REOPENING GUIDELINE - ESA Reopening Guidelines can be found for here.


RESOURCES FOR EQUIPMENT OWNERS  - Detailed instructions on maintaining and disenfecting your equipment.


AVIXA - For those looking to further their knowledge in AV or pursue their CTS Certification, AVIXA offers the most in depth and extensive resources in the AV industry. IATSE members can upgrade their membership to PREMIUM for free. IASTE TFF AVIXA


ETC CONNECT - ETC offers a pluthera of online courses. These are no longer free.


CM WORKS - Columbus McKinnon offers a variety of in person and online courses related to rigging and hoist maintenance.


EVENT SAFETY ALLIANCE - The Event Safety Guide is now available for free as a PDF file.


A4I.TV - Area 4 Industries has a great video series on rigging safety and engineering that are available at anytime.


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