Local 322 on Social Media

Social Media Education

   For the purpose of this document, the term “social media” refers to platforms and websites that include, but are not limited to: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine. 


Privacy settings:

Most, if not all forms of social media have various privacy settings, but assume that everything you post can be seen publically in some way shape or form. With this in mind, publish images and text that put yourself and IATSE Local 322 in a positive light.


EVERYTHING you post on the internet, no matter what privacy policies may be in place, is at risk of being seen by the general public, including employers, coworkers and competitors.


Social Media rules to live by:

NEVER post pictures or text in reference to safety or emergency situations.  If piece of faulty equipment causes an injury or accident, don’t talk about it on any kind of a public forum!


NEVER post pictures or text that reference behind-the-scenes secrets. Do not take a picture backstage at a show that a member of the general public could not take, and don’t reveal any theater magic.


DO NOT take photos on the clock. If you should be working, put your camera away. While it is fun to have photos from the grid or beams in our venues, it can be extremely dangerous. Electricians always tie off their wrench when they go up to focus lights, and having an untethered iPhone is just as dangerous above workers’ heads.  A photo opportunity should never detract from doing the job at hand.


Take pictures in good taste! Remember, when you post a photo or video of IATSE 322 on the internet, many will see it.  Local 322 wants to be known as a group of highly skilled, hard-working stagehands. Posting pictures of people sleeping (even if they are on break) is tacky and disrespectful.


When posting opinions on social media think of the good of IATSE 322. Badmouthing an employer, show, venue or individual is never good business, and should be avoided at all costs.


Three keys of social media:

SAFETY FIRST – Don’t post pictures or messages that deal with safety or accidents.

TIMING – Don’t allow social media to detract from on-the-job duties. If you should be working, WORK, and put the camera away.

TASTE – Think before you post. What if an employer saw your tweet? If the President of IATSE saw your photo? What would they think of IATSE 322?